Sunday, April 13, 2014


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Hey's been a really long time since we've met each other and do whatever dirty stuff that we can enjoy cherishing together. So I just wanted to show all of you some of the sketches I've done while I'm in the progress of doing my digital artworks. 

Umm, I really have nothing to say right now. My objective is to just show you people the sketches. And that's pretty much it! But yes, I do apologize for going away for so long. It's just that I haven't find any ideas to upload onto this blog anymore...

It's been too long and I decided I needed to at least upload SOME thing rather than none. So here it is for all you out there. Okay, gonna let you guys go! And yes! It means I'll come back eventually, but not too long. Just now so soon. I hope you all get why. The reason is pretty much explained here and it's simple. Okay! Bye! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

DONNA DAIRYDOMES Is My Dreamt Future WIFE! And more BOOBS!!!

Hey everyone. I know it's been quite long since I hadn't done anything on this blog but today! We're gonna talk about Ms. Donna Dairydomes. Donna is a model of the adult fantasy site called Mastasia. 

And before I continue, here's the video that I made! 

Donna Dairydomes' GIGANTIC BOSOMS!
I recommend you watch this in full screen or in 720p, or both
If you wanna enjoy OVERSIZED BOSOMS!

Yes okay! So! Mastasia is this site where slim figured or I dunno, just have a nice hot body, straps on rubber prosthetic breasts onto their actual real breasts.

Yes these boobs are yes, fake. But they are great to look at. And to jerk off to as well. Awkward :o

And for most of the time I really hated the looks of the boobs the most of these models were. Only some impressed me. Cause most of them are just wrong. 

I mean, I am aware that I love gigantic oversized breasts but the way they handcrafted these giant breasts is just way off.

There are just some models that have their breasts so badly curved. Some are just dumb to look at, some models had their nipples look long like it's a dick or something. That's right, they made it look like a dick even though it's fake.

Here's what one model looks like with a dick nipple...

Seriously!? Dick nipples? Look at that it's just so damn looking and yeah I just really had long dick shaped nipples. Look what the fudge is up with that?

Sorry, not in the mood to say the word right now. Anyways, yeah some of them the cleavage is off. You can definitely see a gap that the boobs make.

Well that's unfortunate due to their unreal entity. Due to that they're fake. But not all fails at this point, some models do impress me. 

Basically the only models that impressed me was of course, Donna Dairydomes. Besides her being the number one out of all of them in my opinion.

There is yes, some girls that I love and let's just get onto it. I will list out the names in bullet points right here...
Actually that's only four =P

Now! I know that you people will be thinking, what the heck man, there are other models that have greatly ridiculous sized breasts. 

But some of them just turns me off. That's right I said it. It's because their nipples look ugly. Some of them at those nipples where their bulging and you can kind of tell that the nipple is pushing into the areola.

If you dunno what an areola is, it's basically the filled circle around your nipple in the center. Usually it's slightly darker than your normal skin tone on your breasts.

And some of these models had their nipples so dark where it became dark brown when their skin tone is way lighter like a normal white girl.

So far Mastasia doesn't really have black girls putting on the rubber gigantic tits tho. I think you can hardly ever find one model that is black. But I would love to see how a black girl does it.

But her skin tone shouldn't be too black or else you can't see the shapes of these boobs. Sorry if I'm being racist. I hope you took it easy.

But out of the four I've picked...

Yes look at all of that! Look at her Gigantic Oversized BREASTS! They're so big. I don't care if they're not the biggest in Mastasia. Cause others don't appeal to me!

I don't even wanna think about other models. But I'm also not saying that the four girls I picked didn't impress me. They did! But none of them could potentially be as good as Donna Dairydomes. Even her name is perfect.

Donna is just my girl. I dreamt of her being my future wife. But I dunno what other people will think when they see my wife's enormous busts.

Lol XD

But I really don't care, maybe she'll just become the housewife. Doing all the chores such that she'll only be in that particular house. And not much people would see her since it's a residential area. 

And I have to work my ass off doing something probably and we'll just have unbelievably great sex. Fondling her giant breasts and what not.

But then because of those things, she may even become famous too like Norma Stitz. Norma is a women with actual REAL breasts. Yes apparently hardly you will hear women who is grown with the sexiest disease called Gigantomastia.

Gigantomastia is basically a disease which doesn't really kill you as so far there wasn't any deaths of women who had breasts that grew too large that it kills them.

I know it's hilarious. Death! By Breasts! I know other ways to die with the power of enormous breasts. Like breasts compressing a head :D

So yes basically Gigantomastia is a disease which I'm sure, happens from young age. It's where the body tissue concentrates on growing and producing too much tissue in the each breast. Yes both breasts of course.

And this happens as you age, the breasts grew at a slow rate and when you're old, they become so big. That it goes all the way down where it could physically reach down to her waist or even hips or if worse, legs.

You see, gargantuan breasts look awesome when you draw it cause you still can make it round and big and believable. But the way real life gives to some women, it's ugly.

And it also depends on how genetically your body is coded. Some women who had this disease may have breasts that are ENORMOUSLY GORGEOUS!!! Some end up making you vomit. Literally or not. 

There's this video that I found recently! It's this asian woman who suffered Gigantomastia, in fact let me show you the video right here! :D

It's hard for you to understand not unless you learn Mandarin from classes, or you're chinese or you're fluent. 

But basically what they're saying is that it's saying that this young adult woman was mistaken as people think the beautifully shaped sphere or bulge in her shirt upfront was her stomach or she's pregnant.

Except that it comes to an extend where it more people realise it's actually the GIANT LOVELY BREASTS owned by this woman. Yes in fact they even dared to show her giant boobs without strong censorship.

As one monitor clearly shows her breasts clothed and completely nude. I mean, LOOK AT THAT SHEAR SIZE!!! That's unbelievably huge! I'm so turned on right now!

Relaxed I didn't fap but it does look like something you can fap to. Just pause it here and you should be able to fap to it. Pause right here...

There's definitely no use blurring t out. Cause it's so obvious. My goodness.

It's so hard to explain it. Just LOOK AT THE PICTURE! Those are huge! It's sags a little bit and it maintain it's oval shape. I could stare at those for days.

Oh my goodness. I just don't know how much I can handle right now. So I can have the best of both worlds particularly. I mean seriously I LOVE the shape. Intriguingly that it's real especially.

Love those nipples. But of course, I still love Donna Dairydomes!
I would hit those breasts so bad. I mean, they look like they had a greater diameter. It's so enormous. And in the video I made, from scene to scene, her prosthetic breasts seem to get bigger and bigger. 

I mean, I was aware that it's fake but it's just the way she made her breasts look. And if you're wondering if those breasts actually lactate real milk. The answer is actually, no. 

These enormous tanks are definitely not empty. Again I will use the word, intrigue. Because I just can't seem to know where that containment of the white mixture is well? Contained in. Or what it looked like.

Could it be a bag. I just dunno how. Maybe behind the scenes, they have some sort of remote to allow these tanks to explode throughout the nipples. 

And for your information, that white mixture is actually corn starch mixed with water. Corn starch. Corn starch is a white powder and when it mixes with water, it becomes white. 

And when spilled around, it does look translucent at a certain part of the spilled corn starch. Basically when it's mixed together, the liquid will look something like this...

You can notice how sticky it is and how it covers your hand with it's white color. Notice that the fluid takes more time to ooze into the containment from the hand.

It's basically like goo but thinner and drips at a faster rate. If you wanna compare to water, I can simply tell you that if you dip your entire hand into a bowl of water, the water would flow down back to the bowl at once.

So the corn starch will create a cylindrical deformed shape usually because it's liquid, while it drips or flow. 

I really dunno how they make these breasts cum but really, it's captivating as you're putting aside the thought of it's actuality. I mean what Donna wears in that video also suits my style.
A black shirt with four-edged diamond patterns on it. And short brunette hair. See her face just turns me on even more! And I also notice she has a pierced tongue.

That's hot. I honestly only love to see a woman's mouth. But obviously if she's fat or ugly, then just no. 

Just watched the video posted here please!

Yes click the back to the top button :) Jeez I'm wondering if I post a link onto an entry which links to the same entry will mess up the data or something.

If that makes any sense to you. If not, try harder. 

Yeah I love it when she was squeezing her breasts at the beginning of my video, I love how she act as if she moaned "Ah!". She's like "Aw yeah, that's so good".

Let me tell you that all these Mastasia videos are just girls acting. They're not really feeling anything obviously. Because these breasts are just strapons.

One distinctive notice is that they do not ever reveal their shoulders. That the shirt would only reveal once it touches the top of the cleavage. Which also means it covers our collar bone.

They think they're clever but they're not. I dunno I'm the only one whose able to notice that. Another way to notice that is by going through the models of ANOTHER adult fantasy site named Futanaria.

Futanaria is basically girls with prosthetic dicks and balls. There are some models there that are revealed to not have the breasts they had in posing the model in Mastasia.

Now I just hope when I said prosthetic, you'll assume it means fake cause that's what it is. Futanaria and Mastasia are connected and it's so obvious that these two sites are made by the same person and crew.

You'll notice that whenever they make videos, the models will be only on one set. They'll either be in white painted room with a couch. Or just white walls with some boxes.

Or they'll be in the same repetitive backyard. Or they'll be walking down the same hallway and down the stairs of the same house.

Even they're dicks in Futanaria is fake. I don't bother going to that part of explaining it's comparison to a real one.

Maybe next time or never. 

I purposely made this video a fapping video. Yes I made it such that each scene is for me to fap to. Donna dancing intentionally to make her breasts bounce. Donna squeezes and fondles her giant breast while she gives you multiple turning on face expressions.

Donna milks for you and even licks the top of her right breast while milking on a transparent plastic panel. I don't even know if they use glass or not. I mean, it's dangerous.

Anytime the glass panel drops during the making of their videos could injure the models. Deflat their tits even. Lol XD That's funny to look at.

But most definitely discouraging to see if they are serious. To be honest, no other models of Mastasia could beat the Lovable Donna Dairydomes.

And the last name, Dairydomes. What a beautiful name. Her domes are indeed large enough to captivate on.

Jeez, imagine a tourist attraction. Where they built a giant statue of a lady and they crafted giant breasts and those giant breasts are half metal at the lower sphere of each breast and glass on the upper sphere with metal frames that don't create a pattern of many holes.

Or don't at all. I dunno. Maybe at the rear of the breast where it connects to the torso.

I think one day those piece of the statue will fall due to it's heaviness. And yeah the statue's domes will serve as a city viewing lounge. 

They'll be a resturant up there. You'll take a lift up there.

Lol it's like exploring the wonderful insides of a woman XD Maybe we can go to her big ass too. She'll shit out us. That's hilarious. Anyways, other than that, I really have nothing much to say for now.

Go back up to the top of this page if you haven't already. By clicking this button...

See you bros later. Enjoy the pornos!!! XD 

Bye bye now! Tata! BIG TATAS! Lol XD

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Blogspot Header

With text -Current header image-
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Without text -Artwork Focus-
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That's right people, finally after 15 months ever since the last old blog header had remained there, time for a change. Ever since I've already evolved my work, figured it's about time I finally finished a new artwork for this blogspot's header.

And now, basically it's just a random blonde girl with a limitless tongue which can go to any length, even a kilometre long. But I don't think I can bother about making or imagining it that long.

So anyways, she is here wrapping her big fat growing tongue around this thick cock. And she's using her tongue to tighten his penis. With some much pressure applied from the tongue to the penis, the penis ejaculates loads of semen. 

And she also has a heart tattoo on her left breast. Man if there's any girl in the world who has a limitless lengthened tongue like this, they would be able to do the best ways of giving a blowjob. Some which seems impossible physically and mentally. 

But of course when your tongue has such power like this, you should be able to control how you make it longer or retract it back to your mouth or shorter. And make it turn any direction. 

If men have it, they can give women blowjobs using their tongue. And taste even deeper. I dunno it maybe gross somehow. 

Anyways, so here's this and it's all I really have to say. So yeah hope you bros enjoy the new header of this blog and I shall see you people next time. Probably not as soon as possible :P

Oh well. CHAO! :D 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Ms. FUTABA BIKKOSA -The Futanari Ninja Master- Uncensored

W.i.P -Lineart stage

>> Full-sized image(4830x5662) <<
>> Censored version << 

W.i.P - Coloring stage

>> Full-sized image(4830x5662) << 
  >> Censored version << 

Final Completion  
>> Full-sized image(4830x5662) << 
  >> Censored version << 

Oh yeah, that's hot isn't it? So much cum
isn't there? :D---- That big juicy thick cream. Out of that long big fat cock. You'll love her when she plays with you with that big salami. 

She clearly also has a big load of cum for you to drink. Those two football sized testicles. Maybe they're bigger or smaller than that. I dunno. But they do look huge.

Oh well. Guess my work is done here!  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Uncensored Four Futanari Dongs & Recent Giant Breasts Art

Alright so here's our four drawn futanari (a female with a penis). I've drawn first. One with a light purple glans. Second, with pink glans. Third, with light red glans. And last, a dark colored penis from a dark-skinned human. 

Now yes, you've noticed, that all the three white penises have the same skin color. That's because the first one that has purple glans is the first one I draw. Then I just copy&paste or copy, paste&flip and then color the glans.

Now the reason I colored the first one purple was because sometimes whenever I see InnocentDickgirls comic strips, sometimes the dicks they draw in there have light purple glans. 

The reason they're dark is just the shadow. The pink one along with the light red, I see the mostly in all the futanari art that I've seen before. Oh yeah! Forgot, also the black futa penis. 

That too. That one was the hardest to change after copy, paste&flip. I had to change the skin color and the glans. The glans I have to take the color from Nailkaiser from Angel Blade

It's a hentai series that has futanari.

So if you wanna see the color I used for the glans of the penis, I got it right here...

Click here to see the full size image. Or simply click here to view full size
Wow man, that is such a nice looking dick. Look at the orange of the skin. And the redness of the glans. The drool of cum. 

So hot, I just love futanari so much. In just about anyways. As long as it fits on a sexy/busty/bubblebutt/curvy or any gorgeous women, I'll buy it :)

So yes, I drew this four dicks because I wanna strive onto new ways of improving my artworks on both this blog and deviantART. 

Yeah! This is not highly suggested but if you wanna see the page on dA, go ahead right here -> [link]

And I haven't been uploading any porno lately. Not even a slightest chance of sexual themes. Like any perverted art I do on dA. So I'm gonna show them to you right now...

First off, I wanna show you my fanart of PowerGirl and SuperGirl. Yes, PowerGirl exist incase some of you are wondering. I dunno. Here...

Click on this image to enlarge. Or simply click here to see the full size -> View this image in full size
 I just wanna say that I'm gonna start from the oldest of the recent part of my gallery. And all these are taken from my dA gallery. So...yeah :) FYI...yes.

Yes I've managed to draw the boobs even bigger, such that it meets near above the genitalia. Or at least covering upper part of the body until it meets the bottom of the abdomen area.

And to do this, it's not easy drawing gigantic breasts. I have to make it perfect such that it looks real.

Not like weak boob artists who uses cubism types of boobs. Which will look something like this

Yeah I don't wanna upload it onto my blog cause then it just ruins for me you know. Cause I hate to see boobs like these. I'm not saying they're bad do I even explain this?

They're just not dynamic in some sense. Talking about the view, dynamic view :) Which means looking from any 45 degree angle. 

Boobs will look slightly different. And anyways onto this two heroes over here. Super Girl's boobs are like, because she wears pure blue, it's hard to see the rest of the boobs except for the parts where they go to the open white space.

I tried my best to put it the shadows so you'll figure out how big the base of the boobs are. And yes, for me. Any girls having such a large tongue is amazing. Big, long, thick, wide, fat, pointy-tipped, colored is fine. 

See tongues, I depended on my eyes to see where they look good in my point of view. If they look good, I'll buy it. Been loving tongues ever since I was a kid.

Yeah I'm a pervert ever since I was young. My only fetish was tongues. Now that I grew up, I love giant tits, huge ass, thick lips, tongues yes and pretty faces. 

And now we just see these two heroes tasting milk. One making the milk stick from her thick red lips to her finger. The other is oozing milk from her finger and onto her big bashful tongue.

I dunno why I use that word. But it'll be hot if she actually bashes people with her tongue. *looks up and bites lower lip*

Alright let's get onto the next one before I flood this entire post with most of my words only one art when I'm suppose to do more. Blah!

Next is Jessie J :D 

Click on this image to view larger. Or simply click here to view it in full scale

Now this shows that I'm bringing it to the next level in making of gorgeous women with gargantuan breasts. Not only it's big, but I have to improve on the light shines on the boobs.

In my case, I can't make the bright part of the boobs too big at some point, or else it'll make the boob look either hideous or too bright. Okay maybe not that hideous but just kind of. 


So I'm trying to draw new shapes of the boobs, how they go behave in their lovely activities. Lol XD Lovely activities...

Boobs WILL tend to change shape in each pose. That's why as I said before, cubism boobs are not good. Every pose a cubism woman makes, the shape remains the same. 

Cubism artists making a habit of having the breasts to always maintain that perfect circle shape is not right. But as that is way Cubism is, I'll leave it as it should be ;)

You don't feel the weight, the softness, the size of the boobs when it maintains that shape. And I'm pretty sure perverts are not into that. 

So yeah but I had hard time making this one. Because it's lying on the ground as she lies sideways and have her arms to help her upper body go up, it's gonna have to be hard to make it perfect. I depended on pictures. One of them is this...

Click here to view image in a larger size. Or click here 

 Yeah. It's a girl kid trying to likc cum off this lady's huge boobs. How hot is that? Yes. Very!!! My god now look at this woman, my god she's hot. Awesome blond hair. Pretty face. Huge boobs with big nipples? Wow... :D----

So yeah I also had to follow the shoulder positions. Though there is one unnoticeable distortion within the anatomy. Her adomen has been extended. Lol XD

I only wanted to make sure we can see the legs. Okay now that I described it, I think it's KIND OF distorted. 

Not so much :) But all we care, is about the breasts. And that's that.

Then after drawing these two, I recently got one comment saying that that artist didn't like my art. This isn't the first few times I got this message. I got quite an amount of people who don't like my art. 50 50. The other half obviously likes it.

The others were haters or critics. Or both. They told me the eyes was unrecognizable. The shape is too off and therefore, they're not impressed with this kind of method.

I actually put up an art poll right here 

I didn't want to waste space on this blog okay? I'm giving you a link. DON'T QUESTION MY LOGIC! 

Lol sorry XD It's just that I'm a pewdiepie bro. So, yeah. 

Anyways, yeah the concept was that people pick any of the eyes out of that art and give their reason why.

Now I was expecting more critics to do this. But it seems that only people who like my art comment. And then if they don't like any of the eye, I mentioned that they should draw out one eye digitally or physically done. And send me a message with the link of their drawing eye concept.

I decided it was time to improve so that I'll not get as much haters as I have now or use to. I dunno, it's other people's opinions and criticisms. 

I hope the eye is the only thing they want me to improve on though. My style is already sexy to me. I love doing it this way and I don't wanna distort my style on the rest of my cartoon life. 

Even if I don't earn much out of it, I still love to do what I'm good at. It's what I'm good at. Even if it's a pervert drawing giant breasts or just normal cartoons other than big boobs. 

I'm just too young to get some out of it. But I will get some when I grow older. I know some people said it's always best to do now. 

But come's not like it's the end of the world. It's not 2012. Although I may die one day :( Aw great, now I felt regret.

Oh well, it's okay :) I'll be alright, I believe in it. As long as I'm aware of my own safety, I should be alright. ANGEL HOLY RING, ACTIVATE! BING!

Lol XD Parody of Chair Mode activate. Alright well let's get onto the next one. 

Click here to view the larger size. Full size is accessible by clicking here

Yes boys and...and, and boys! This is the time I improve it. I change the eyes slighty and made they look more recognizable. 

I hope people find this acceptable. As I really love the new improvement. I also pimped up her thighs. Now they're bigger. Which can only mean one hidden thing, DAT-ASS! 

I at least try to make it curvy so that it'll look more sexy than ever.  And to be honest, this is the first time I'm drawing such a huge nipple and it's areolae. 

And I draw it by hand first as to get an idea of how the nipples should look like. I did see some arts with big boobs and huge nipples, so I use that as a reference.

So once I got it, that was the result. Chun-Li :) Did really good on this fanart though. I also did add some chinese words. So notice the two words on her shirt.

This two chinese words in english is breasts. Lol yes XD Breasts. I use to take some mandarin classes so that's why I know some chinese words. 

Though I still love the shape of those lovely huge tits. Yum! :D

And the dude on the bottom-right is Ryu with spiky hair. Did that on purpose. Notice on his headband and shirt, there's also chinese words written on it.

The one on the headband is chinese for Responsibility. And the other is Strength. So yeah Ryu's got some values in him. Life values :) 

And also he's giving massive nosebleed. Lol XD It's like a waterfall, that's my purpose. But yeah, alright :D Let's get onto the next one shall we...

This is gonna be a sexy one. 

Introducing...Claire Redfield!!!

Oh yes guys, rocking on with the red and grey. It's Claire from Resident Evil Degeneration. With a customized costume designed by another artist on deviantART...


So this will give all of us who love huge tits a boner. She's god a pretty cartoon face. Nice lips. Awesome hair. Sexy tank top.

Most of all, she's got huge giant massive BOOBIES!!! :D----- 

Look at them being clothed by her tank top just makes you wanna fap or some shit like that. Lol XD I forgot how made them like this. When you draw them, you just get a glance of making those massive juicy breasts round and perfect.

And you just pretty much forgot how you did it. Sometimes is just drawing it when it feels right. Then you'll confirm it as that way.

Some other artists do know how they do it and their physics of boobs are stronger than mine. I usually just go look for references. I gotta look for the correct pose.

Sometimes if the girl in the reference picture has an outfit that has the same layout as the character I'm gonna draw, I might have more help from that.

Well I'm sure people also get references. Or else how do we make things the way we want to? We must have examples when it comes to things like that.

So that we can strive to better results. Oh, I didn't give her lip shines incase you didn't notice. It really sucks that you can't seem them that clearly.

I dunno if you have the same problem when you see my arts. I dunno, it's just my point of view. 
So in this fanart, Claire is telling the viewer which would be any of you who sees this fanart, to shoot at least one zombie down...

And you can have her all you want. I dunno, tittyfuck her, I dunno :P Don't ask why because she's a freaking zombie killer from Resident Evil. 

So that's why she wants you to kill a zombie. Simple as pie :| Wait, I don't even know how to bake a pie. Lol yeah not that pie XD The pie in Math. 

Oh yeah! And ever since start drawing Chun-Li. I figured at first using Paint to shape the boobs will suck like my previous arts.

Yes I use MS Paint. You got a problem? o_O

Nah just kidding, it's cool XD So if I wanna make them really perfect, I'll use GIMP's distort iWarp tool to make it right. Since I discovered this tool.

I shall put it to great use of shaping these boobs. Well now honestly I have nothing else to talk about Claire. 

Yeah sure she's really sexy and busty but I don't really know what else to say. It's nothing other than just another sexy busty work that I've done.

So I guess we shall move on to the next one. Okay! Now this is another style that I now hardly ever use, I use to read diary of a wimpy kid novels and I really love their cartoon. 

But I have to change everything about this cartoon since the anatomy of the cartoon is really bad and terrible. 

I know it's just a cartoon. But if I wanna make people love my busty works, I'll have to improvise and do it my way. And people haven't been saying shit since I did, this!
Click on this image to view in a pop-up window. Or simply click here to see the full scale -> [link]

Yes so just so to let you know, this is actually a smosh fanart. Yes I do watch smosh and this one is just really perverted. This girl on the right is named Marcie.

She appeared in a smosh video named "JUSTIN BIEBER HITS PUBERTY". Yeah go search it up :) And she also appears in the extra of the smosh video, MY NEW EMO HAIR. 

So yeah, go check that extra in the smosh website. Or simply click here to go there if you will :) SMOSH.COM

Yeah just go to videos and try finding it by scrolling and it should be just there for you to click on. Alright. So yeah I gave this Justin Bieber fangirl huge tits. Isn't that obvious? :\

Cause I love them. So I can't help it but to just give her these things :D And yes, you'll be asking, "WTF is that coming out of her mouth?"

Well I just really love tongues. So yes, that is a tongue. It's big fat and pointy-tipped. Saliva is dripping down her finger. 

There's a massive amount of saliva on Ian's lower arm. Yeah, she has a lot of saliva in that mouth. She will give you a wet blowjob. Lol XD Really wet. I actually like the fact that I gave her some earrings and a fringe like this.

It actually does make her look sexy. My first comment on this artwork was saying that this is just a creepy piece of fanart. 

Well I understand that he doesn't  have any intentions to hate my work. He just find it scary, so I won't argue with that logic cause some people don't like big tongues so. 

Yeah, I'll accept that. At least some of them know it's best if they don't take much of it. So I'll leave it as it is :)

So if you have any questions about this one, just comment it below like the others that I've uploaded on this post.

And yes, that is indeed an old shirt Ian's wearing. 2002. It's a Rocket Demolition Competition. I made this whole thing up. Cause of the rocket that I drew first on his shirt.

And since we can only see each half of the rocket. I thought I made Ian wear a Rocket Demolition Competition. 

So it's a made up story, don't take it too seriously. And tell everyone how come you didn't heard of Ian going to a Rocket Demolition Competition.

Heh heh. RDC :)

Yeah! That's it. I hope you love this one. Next one, we got Mileena from Mortal Kombat. It's a fanart obviously and here it is...
Click on this image to view on a pop-up window. Otherwise, click here to view in full scale
And this is the latest one I've done.  She's holding up Sub-Zero's head. well after she decapitate it with a fatality that she did.

It was this fatality -> [link]

Well I stopped it after she rips off the head. So instead of bitting it like a crazy bitch, she opens Sub-Zero's mouth, her tongue slowly comes out and does a wave pattern tongue swing.

Oh yeah, that's sexy bro :D

She then just charges her tongue into Sub-Zero's mouth and out through his esophagus. It's the tube that connects from your mouth to your stomach, yeah? Yeah.

And that's what I call... DEEPTHROAT! Lol XD With a tongue instead of a dick. Well, a tongue that is so fat and is limitlessness long will win it.

And the most hottest thing in this is that while she does that, her giant massive juicy tits are just hanging outside of her costume and is drooling milk from her nipple.

She's got lots of milk yeah? :D Yeah. And now we can also see some side ass :D mentioned before, I said I did use some reference for my boob artworks. So this one was referred with this...

Yeah, it has a freaking watermark. This work done by another artist who draws boobs, click on the username here below to go to his gallery :)


So by seeing his username, I know what he does in boobs, pin-up work. A pin-up girl is basically like photography models. Girls that are partially clothed.

Magazine super models for example. That's how he draws girls. So as you can see the shape of those boobs are the very much the same. 

I also used GIMP's iWarp to make it to this shape that I see in Rinaldi's pic. And so I've done it. And there it goes.

The teeth is just one showing. And yes I rather give her lips rather than a freaking exposed big ass jaw tangs thing going on. No way yo! THIS IS MY HOUSE!

Lol yeah XD Roll in with the black guy. Who dafuq are you? Lol that shit cracked me up. Oh well, I just can't stop laughing.

Anyways the next girl I'm gonna draw it's Orta. 

I usually take requests on deviantART. It's simple, people just ask me if I can draw a character, a person from a game, a movie, a tv series, a show and I can draw it for them.

Or at least they can also ask me to draw JUST a girl. Not from anywhere. Sometimes it doesn't have to be girls, can be about other stuff besides boobs. 

Stuff like...pewdiepie, smosh, youtubers. Anything. So if you're a deviant, you can also give me a request :) I'll be happy to draw it.

But sometimes I'll deny it. It's either because I don't like to draw that stuff or I just can't cause there's lots of details in that.

So yeah, if you wanna give me a request, I recommend you go here to see my request instructions -> Request Instructions Here

Yeah! See you all.

More to come at...